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     Our History

All begin at the year of 1928, in jalan bubutan 144, Surabaya - East Java , Indonesia is where this company is originated and founded. Starting from a very small and traditional store named Tjeng Gwan. We started off with selling coffee beans and other types of snacks and canned foods. Unexpectedly as time passed by, our company had shown some tremendeous performance. Consequently, several professional and big companies had requested to cooperate together with us as their premier distributor. The growth of our coffee business was very promising and certain. We decided to move from a traditional store into a factory based business. Our business journey was not always smooth. There were some challenging moments during the era of 1990, but we had successfully managed to overcome all the barriers. Surely all barriers were overcome by ongoing and progressive innovations. In the year of 2000, we had successfully transformed from a traditional store into a limited company (PT). At the same time, we also expanded to several big and small cities in Indonesia. We become a semi national company with improved managerial system and automated operational system too.